The major players:

Wren Pele is the sixteen year old aloof protagonist extraordinaire, who happened to be born on Valentine's Day. His hobbies include reading nonfiction and avoiding people. Though he far from fits the dumb blond stereotype, some things are still difficult for him, such as being social and dancing without making a fool of himself. Average height and surprisingly good at running in gym class, he does enjoy a rousing game of "let's avoid all talk of problems and insecurities." His favorite color is powder blue, followed by grey, his eye color.

Orion Stanford is Wren's best friend, though how they got that way is anyone's guess. A year before their awkward friendship, he perched precariously on failure with flying colors in all his classes, but Wren managed to amp up his grades to respectable B's. Now considered a borderline intelligent young man who still loves a good fist fight, some of his classmates have taken to making crude jokes about Wren's relationship with him. Of course, they would never say it to his face. Has more random blood in his genes than one would care to count, to the point where he fills out his prospective college forms with "whatever nationality gets the most money."

Cassie Advani is a sweet girl who volunteers most of her time to help others while looking down on all of them patronizingly at the same time. With enough misguided sympathy to fill up a football stadium, she views most people as challenging potential mental makeovers. Second top of her class following Wren, she finds him annoying at best. Secretly hating everyone with a dash of quiet desperation, her goals involve trying in vain to change the world and joining the 27 club as a revolutionary martyr. One can say she's aiming far too high, but after being called numerous names from Curry Queen Bitch to Miss Do-gooder, she won't settle for less than glory, if only out of spite.

Addison Walker is mousy haired, slightly overweight, and constantly trampled on, often resorting to eating behind the bleachers (weather permitting) or the hallway (lack of staff permitting) rather than the cafeteria. Considering herself talentless and mediocre for anything other than the one thing she keeps secret, she draws the line at hurting herself, because she finds scars hideous. Upon befriending Cassie out of sheer loneliness, she begins to ponder whether or not violence really is the solution to her problems. Orion seems to think so, anyway, and he gets by well enough. Why not her?