Monday, August 8, 2011

01- Wren's Journal

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01- Orion's Drawings

Orion had recently purchased a forty dollar anatomy book with real nudes in it, and Wren asked if his parents minded.

"Nah, they're pretty hands off when it comes to raising me."

He began drawing the skulls, though he never liked them, and a part of him adamantly refused to believe that in the end that was all they became. Wren didn't seem to care about their repulsive fate, and looked more concerned with how magic was the one thing he couldn't dissect realistically. Cells made sense, and so did chemicals that managed feelings. Magic, not so much, but being a Mythic forced him to live with it and hone it- the one thing that Wren's father goaded him onto improving.

"Wren, don't you think it's scary, to die?"

"We last longer than humans. And when we're dead, we're dead. No big deal. At least we get to enjoy it longer than they do. Living, that is."

"Why do you keep existing if you think everything is managed by chemicals and mechanisms?"

"I have nothing else better to do, Orion."

Saturday, August 6, 2011

01- Addison the Weeper

01- Orion's USB

He was going to sincerely try not to physically harm people this year, both in and out of school grounds. Things were looking up, after all.

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